Pros and Cons of 10 Inch Android Tablet PC

Published: 10th October 2011
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It has been a while around that talk of the town, and best cheap tablet is 10 inch android tablet PC. It is a fact that we are living in a technological age, and everyone wants to be updated with all the latest developments that take place in this world of technology. This is because people want to keep pace of the fast world and want to excel in each and every advancement that occurs nowadays. It is necessary because these technological changes are needed by us in all fields of our lives either educational, professional or any other field. It is due to this fact that a lot has been heard about this tablet. No doubt it is of substantial use to all its users but at the same time, there are certain issues that people come across while using this latest advancement in the world of PCs.

The underlined article will focus on mentioning some of the pros and cons of the 10 inch android tablet PC. Let us first see some pros of the mentioned device.

Design: When this series of android tablet was introduced in the market, it was fully equipped with all kinds of latest technical aspects. In other words, it will not be incorrect to state that it was focused on functional aspects. Later on, when the 10 inch tablet was thrown in the world, a lot work was seen to be done on its looks. It has proven it to be more attractive than all other android tablets. It is covered with stainless steel metal chassis, making it very much durable. Its weight is remarkably low and satisfies the requirements of individuals who want to use a sleek gadget.

Display: Its display size is 10.1 inches that make it more fascinating for the users. It is adorned with resolution of 1024x600. It offers vibrant colors front to the users in all possible manners. As its screen is not responsive towards sun light, thus it means that it can be used even there is high sunlight present in the atmosphere. This is something that many other gadgets lack in them.

Kickstand: Another significant advantage is that this tablet comes with kickstand that enables a person to keep it on a table. It saves your cost of buying extra kickstand to use.

Price: Last but not the least price of this tablet is cheaper as compared to other devices available in the market.

Let us now discuss some of the cons of this 10 inch android tablet PC.

One of the biggest disadvantages of this tablet is its processing speed that is extremely low. When it comes to download heavy data, it becomes slower than ever. Thus, it is not appropriate for heavy downloading procedures.

Another con of this tablet is its applications. No doubt it has an online applications store, but these applications are very much limited as compared to the other devices of the same functionalities available in the market.

10 inch android tablet pc

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